Water mains in Faribault will be flushed the week of Sept. 22-25, on four separate nights, weather pending.

Water mains are routinely flushed to clean the distribution system. Residents are advised to avoid or limit water usage during the flushing period and check for discoloration prior to using water for laundry purposes. If discoloration exists, residents should run the cold water tap until it becomes clear. It is recommended that residents shut water off at the meter to avoid drawing in rust, particles or other debris that is being flushed from the lines.

Flushing schedule

Sunday, Sept. 22 — Zone 1 — North of Seventh Street NW, East of Eighth Avenue NW to the Cannon River at 16th Street NW, including entire east side of the Straight River

Monday, Sept. 23 — ZONE 2 — South of Seventh Street NW, East of Ninth Avenue NW and SW, West of the Straight River

Tuesday, Sept. 24 — ZONE 3  — South of Seventh Street NW, West of Ninth Avenue NW & Ninth Avenue SW

Wednesday, Sept. 25 — ZONE 4 — North of Seventh Street NW, West of Eighth Avenue NW, Nmih of the Cannon River to North of 20th Street NW

All flushing will be done between 7 p.m. and 5 p.m.

To determine which zone you're in, look up your address on the interactive map located at faribault.maps.arcgis.com.

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