Goat Dispatch

Feeding evergreen trees to the goats uses the goats’ natural digestive processes to recycle them. Drop off unwanted Christmas trees at the White Sands Dog Park in Faribault. (Daily News file photo)

City of Faribault residents can now drop off their Christmas trees in the northwest corner of the White Sands Dog Park parking lot, 900 Lyndale Ave. N., Faribault. Every week, staff from Faribault-based Goat Dispatch will bring a trailer, load up the trees and bring them back to their farm, where the goats can feast.

Goat Dispatch specializes in land management, using goats to remove invasive and pest-plant species. During the winter, the owners use Christmas trees and wreaths as a winter treat for their goat herd.

Feeding the trees to the goats keeps the trees out of the landfill, puts them to good use as browse for the goats during the plant-free months and uses the goats’ natural digestive processes to “recycle” the trees.

Trees and wreaths need to be free of ornaments, metal, stands and cannot be flocked. If other community members also have use for the trees, they’re free to grab from the pile.

Park hours are from sunrise to 11 p.m. For more information about the tree drop, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 507-334-2064.

Reporter and Editorial Assistant at Northfield News

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