Congratulations to the new officers of Buckham West’s Board of Directors.

These individuals were elected at the Jan. 11 meeting and include: Isabell O’Connor, chair, Julie Carver, vice-chair, Terri Bromenshenkel, treasurer and Sheri Eichhorn, secretary. In addition to these four individuals, the remaining directors include: John Battles, John Bellingham, Kenn Dubbels, George Galvin, Winnie Hughes, Dave Jacobsen, Kathryn Speulda and Wally Wetzel. We thank them for their willingness to serve and look forward to a great year.

Coffee Shop Re-Opening Plan

The long-awaited re-opening of our popular Commons Area is happening again! This room has been closed for a second time since November but effective Monday, Jan. 11 the governor has re-opened restaurants and coffee shops to the public. We believe that with our COVID pandemic safety plan in place we can open our doors for socialization on Mondays and Thursdays from 9-11 a.m. with the intention of expanding days and hours at a later time.

In order to do this in a way that we believe will keep people safe, we have implemented the following:

• Upon entry in to the building, you will be required to log in at the check in station. This is required for “contact tracing” should anyone actually come down with a case of COVID. You will need your existing membership card to log in. If you have misplaced yours, we can print you a new one. Non-members will not have this card and will have to log in using another method. Wouldn’t this be a great time to become a member?

• Wear a mask upon entry in to the building and whenever you leave your table.

• Based on the size and purpose of the room, the capacity of people has been set at 40. In order to apply the required social distancing guidelines, the chairs and tables will be carefully placed and may not be moved.

In general, please adhere to all MN Department of Health guidelines as it relates to COVID-19. We can only offer this re-opening with your cooperation. We hope to see you soon.

Curbside Pickup Meal

The daily congregate meal program held in the Buckham West dining room has been modified since March, 2020 and is not only surviving but thriving! In order to reduce contact, there has been no meal served in the dining room but has been changed to a Curbside Pickup model. We are regularly adding new “diners” to the meal pickup list and would like to remind people of the steps taken in order to be part of the program.

1. Call 332-7680 (SEMCAC’s kitchen number) or Buckham West at 332-7357 to order a meal for the following day.

2. Plan to pick up your meal between 11:30 a.m.-noon on that day.

3. Park your car in the parking lot on the west side of Buckham West. Do not pull up to our door or do not move around from place to place. We do not want any accidents to happen.

4. In order to avoid contact, do not come in to the building for your meal. The doors to Buckham West will not be open to the public. Your meal will be brought out to you in your car.

5. The number of meals will be tracked on an order sheet in the building and a donation request letter will be mailed to each meal recipient at the end of each month. Cash donations or green punch cards will not be accepted during this time. Meal cost continues to be a suggested donation of $4 for those people 60 and over.

New clients are certainly encouraged to take part in this critical program. Here’s how:

• When you call to place your meal reservation order, please indicate that you are a new diner.

• There will be some questions that you will need to answer in order to get started utilizing this curbside pickup meal program.

The monthly menu is available for viewing in the Faribault Daily News and on the Buckham West website.

Winter Clearance Time

Please keep Fashions on Central, our gently-used clothing store, on your list of shops to visit in downtown Faribault. Our store, located at 325 Central Ave, sells high quality, gently-used clothing for men and women at bargain prices.

In compliance with our COVID safety plan, our store is now open on Saturdays and Tuesdays each week from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Along with the opportunity to shop on those days, you are also welcome to bring in your donations during that time. We ask that you limit your donations to two bags at a time.

Remember that 100% of the proceeds from sales at Fashion on Central are used to support Buckham West. Stop in today and see what is new!

Gratitude to the community

Thank you to the many, many people who made yearend donations to Buckham West in 2020. Our request for people to consider a gift in order to help us with our general operations, has garnered many generous contributions. Since we were unable to offer few programs in 2020, had to cancel our annual fundraisers, and were required to close Fashions on Central for several months, our operating income was down substantially. But with the various COVID-19 funding opportunities and the gifts from our members and community, we are happy to say that our financial situation is stable.

We are still looking for additional funds to help us get back on our feet, so if you are willing to make a tax-deductible gift please mail or drop off your gift to Buckham West at 19 Division St. West. Thanks to all of our many supporters for your generosity!


If you are a Rice County resident who is living independently and are looking for help with fall clean up and snow removal, you are encouraged to call Family Service Rochester at 507-287-2010. This is their main office line, with local services providers right here in Rice County. These services will be at a reduced cost and in some cases may even be free.

Mona Kaiser is executive director of Buckham West, Faribault’s senior center.

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