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Stickers wait on the table for people to wear after voting. (Daily News file photo)

Click one of the links below to see live results of that specific race on the Minnesota Secretary of State website:

U.S. President and Vice President: Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Gary Johnson and William Weld, Jill Stein and Howie Hawkins, Darrel Castle and Scott Bradley, Dan Vacek and Mark Elworth Jr., Allyson Kennedy and Howie Hawkine, Roque De La Fuente and Michael Steinberg, Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson.

U.S. Representative District 1: R-Jim Hagedorn, incumbent D-Tim Walz.

U.S. Representative District 2: Jason Lewis, R-Minn., Angie Craig, D-Minn., and Paula Overby, I-Minn.

State Senate District 24: R- John Jasinski, incumbent D-Vicki Jensen.

State House District 24B: incumbent R- Brian Daniels, D-Patti Fritz.

State Senate District 20: incumbent Kevin Dahle, D-Northfield, and Rich Draheim, R-Madison Lake.

State House District 20B: incumbent David Bly, D-Northfield, and Aramis Wells, R-Northfield.

State Senate District 58: Tim Pitcher, R-Farmington, and Matt Little, D-Lakeville.

State House District 58B: incumbent Patrick Garofalo, R-Farmington, and Marla Vagts, D-Farmington.

Rice County Commissioner District 1: Tom Hallet and Jake Gillen.

Rice County Commissioner District 2: Galen Malecha.

Rice County Commissioner District 5: Kim Halvorson and Jeff Docken.

Faribault Mayor: Janna Viscomi, Kevin F. Voracek.

Faribault City Council: George Wickstrom Jr., Elizabeth Cap, John Rowan, Royal Ross, Adam Gibbons, Steve Underdahl, Thomas J. Spooner.

Faribault School Board: Yvette Marthalar, John D. Currie, Bradley Olson, Jason Engbrecht.

Northfield Mayor: Dana Graham and Rhonda Pownell.

Northfield City Council Ward 2: David DeLong and Jack Hoschouer.

Northfield City Council Ward 3: Erica Zweifel and Norman Butler.

Northfield City Council At-Large: Greg Colby and Brad Ness.

Northfield School Board At-Large (Elect 4): Ellen Iverson, Rob Hardy, Fritz Bogott, Noel Stratmoen, Amy Goerwitz and Tom Baraniak.

Dundas City Council: John Cruz, Fred Weed, Mitch Fredrickson and Chad Pribyl.

Morristown Mayor: Rick Vollbrecht, Kurt Wolf.

Morristown City Council: Lisa Karsten, Kathleen Wolf.

WEM School Board: Rachel Androli, Travis Bowman, Daniel R. Held, Jeffrey M. Stangler, Jay M. Schneider.

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