Students across the district were wearing orange to show their support against bullying.

On Wednesday, Faribault schools participated in Unity Day, a national day to unite against bullying. Throughout the day, Faribault schools put on a variety of different activities, all with one thing in mind.

Wearing orange for the cause was the easiest way to participate in Unity Day. Students across the schools dressed up in every shade of orange to show their support for fellow students.

Jefferson Elementary school will spend all week participating in activities to combat bullying and bringing together the school.

On Wednesday, students across the school made a chain that linked everyone together. Each class also decorated a rosette, one of a jaguar’s spots, to add to a large jaguar that represents the school.

Steven Sporre’s third-grade class worked in groups to help their kindergarten buddies learn about Unity Day and ways to work against bullying. Sporre’s students united in groups of four to five and made posters for their buddies that explained how to prevent bullying.

“It’s important that we stand up for each other,” Jazmin Ramirez, a third-grader at Jefferson Elementary, said.

At Faribault Middle School, seventh-grade students Carolyn Karnick, Emily Chmelik, Skylenn Hunt and Maria Pierce worked together to raise funds for a good cause as well as spread awareness for anti-bullying.

The group of seventh-grade girls is a part of Falcons for Change, a group of students who focus on community service. During the week, the girls will be selling orange bows and orange Popsicles. On Wednesday, they had students sign handprints, hosted a pumpkin gutting for teachers and hosted a game for students during recess.

Proceeds from the event will go to buying supplies for Ruth’s House, while the handprints will be hung up around the school.

The handprints that are signed by students list ways that students are going to help prevent bullying.

“We have some bullying at our school, and we want to prevent as much of it as we can,” Chmelik said.

The group of girls was amazed at how many students were wearing orange and participating in events to help prevent bullying.

At Roosevelt Elementary, students and staff met for an afternoon assembly, where they performed a short song and dance and linked together a school-wide chain with every student and staff member’s name.

According to physical education teacher Pam Maldonado, the students have been using their physical education and music time to learn the dance and song, which teaches the importance of being an individual. Students had been working hard to learn the dance while also learning about accepting others.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Maldonado said.

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