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Riders are back, and they are ready to provide excitement at this year’s PRCA Rodeo. (Photo courtesy of Beth Kujala)

After a successful 2017 run, the Barnes PRCA Rodeo returns to the Rice County Fair this week.

John Dvorak, the fair executive secretary is looking forward to this year’s rodeo.

“They put on a great show last year, and I’m looking for another great show this year,” Dvorak said.

Friday’s events will include bareback riding, saddle bronc, bull riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling and team roping. Riders from the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association will perform in the barrel racing event. The winner will receive a $1,000 prize.

Dvorak hopes that the PRCA Barnes Rodeo will return year after year to the Rice County Fair, which runs this week from Tuesday through Sunday. He added that there are areas that where they have rodeos for more than 50 years. Dvorak said that this longevity tells people that it is a good rodeo. Additionally, Dvorak noted that they pick their own animals, rather than from a contractor. The rodeo is then able to choose which animals will perform at which event. Some rodeos do not own their own animals and rent their horses, cattle, and bulls from people who raise them. Barnes Rodeo are able to bring the animals they decide on. Dvorak said that they are able to be pick the competitive bulls, and ultimately draw riders’ interest.

Riders come from all over the United States to compete at this rodeo. Some should be from Minnesota. The participants are unknown until the night of the event.

“I’m hoping that we can get a good number of cowboys. They’re professionals. This is their livelihood. The prize money is $1,000 per event, so they’re going to be here trying their best to make that $1,000,” Dvorak said.

After the main performance, there should be a Slack Round. The rodeo includes 10 participants. Slack happens when the extra participants, who did not make the cut, perform after the main rodeo. Slack participants can still compete for prize money, even if they did not make it into the main event. People are welcome to attend, but there will not be an announcer.

The rodeo also draws many families. Dvorak said that a family pack is offered. During the Kids’ Day events, one of the prizes is a free ticket to attend the rodeo. An adult must be present with the child in order to attend the rodeo.

According to Dvorak, last year was a success due to the fact that it was the rodeo’s first time at the fair. Dvorak says he hopes to get 2,000 spectators in the grandstand. “My goal is to get it so loud,” Dvorak said.

This year, avid rodeo attendees can expect a great show with a variety of competitions. Additionally, Vice Chair of the Fair Board Dave Miller noted that last year, the audience was pleased with the quality of the riders.

“If you want excitement, come on down, Miller said.

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