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Deb Mortensen laughs as she fills another mailbox with Christmas cards on Tuesday morning during her route in Owatonna. Clocking in at nearly 23 years as a postal carrier, Mortensen said all the changes she experienced could have never prepared her for the craziness she has experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. (Annie Granlund/southernminn.com)

Deb Mortensen rings the doorbell of a lucky recipient of a package on Tuesday. Throughout the pandemic, Mortensen said she delivered anywhere from 100 to 250 packages a day on her mail route in Owatonna. Now that the holidays are here, she said that daily amount is five times greater. (Annie Granlund/southernminn.com)

In September 2019, Faribault District Equity and Multilingual Coordinator Sam Ouk presented this image to the Faribault School Board to illustrate the difference between equality and equity. The district has an equity team, but two students have proposed the idea for a student-led group with similar goals.