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Tassja Chamberlain hit the ball over a Minneota blocker as Betsie Sprengeler looks on. (Daily News file photo)

The UPS Store in Faribault fills with customers on Monday morning following the lifting of Minnesota’s stay-at-hone order. Though the store has remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as an essential service, a higher number of people are moving throughout the community again while taking extra precautions including social distancing and wearing face masks. (Annie Granlund/People’s Press)

Gathering around for an art project wasn’t an issue for summer camps one year ago, but with restrictions capping events and activities at 10 people or less, summer programs will look a bit different this year. Pictured in August last year, Fun Center Camp attendees gathered in the Jefferson Elementary warming house behind the school, where leaders tie-dyed T-shirts for the kids. (Misty Schwab/Faribault Daily News)