APG Media of Southern Minnesota Main Phone: 507-333-3111

REGIONAL PRESIDENT/PUBLISHER Steve Fisher - 507-444-2367 steve.fisher@apgsomn.com

REGIONAL EDITOR Suzanne Rook - 507-444-2371 or 507-333-3134 suzy.rook@apgsomn.com

REGIONAL CIRCULATION DIRECTOR/GENERAL MGR. Chad Hjellming - 507-333-3105 chad.hjellming@apgsomn.com

REGIONAL ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Tom Kelling - 507-444-2390 tom.kelling@apgsomn.com

BUSINESS MANAGER Julie Carlson – 507-444-2365 julie.carlson@apgsomn.com

Editorial Staff

Faribault/Kenyon/Lonsdale News Team

Andrew Deziel - andrew.deziel@apgsomn.com

Misty Schwab - misty.schwab@apgsomn.com

Michelle Vlasak - michelle.vlasak@apgsomn.com

Owatonna News Team

Lisa Kaczke, Associate Editor - lisa.kaczke@apgsomn.com

Annie Granlund - annie.granlund@apgsomn.com

Allison Miller - allison.miller@apgsomn.com

Ashley Rezachek - ashley.rezachek@apgsomn.com

Jon Weisbrod - jon.weisbrod@apgsomn.com

St. Peter/Le Sueur County News Team

Philip Weyhe, Associate Editor - philip.weyhe@apgsomn.com

Pat Beck - pat.beck@apgsomn.com

Carson Hughes - carson.hughes@apgsomn.com

Northfield News Team

Sam Wilmes, Associate Editor - samuel.wilmes@apgsomn.com

Michael Hughes - michael.hughes@apgsomn.com

Waseca County News Team

Nick Gerhardt - nick.gerhardt@apgsomn.com

Bailey Grubish - bailey.grubish@apgsomn.com

Multimedia Advertising Team

Jordan Andreas, Multimedia Account Executive - jordan.andreas@apgsomn.com

Amber Casterton, Multimedia Account Executive - amber.casterton@apgsomn.com

Kathleen Davies, Multimedia Account Executive - kathleen.davies@apgsomn.com

Sarah Escamilla, Multimedia Account Executive - sarah.escamilla@apgsomn.com

Kim Favro, Multimedia Account Executive - kim.favro@apgsomn.com

Jennifer Flowers, Multimedia Account Executive - jennifer.flowers@apgsomn.com

Crystal Hobart, Multimedia Account Executive - crystal.hobart@apgsomn.com

Tom Kelling, Regional Advertising Director - tom.kelling@apgsomn.com

Tim Mart, Regional Digital Director - tim.mart@apgsomn.com

Mark Nelson, Multimedia Account Executive - mark.nelson@apgsomn.com

Dianna Schmidt, Accounts Receivable and Advertising System Specialist - dianna.schmidt@apgsomn.com

Toni Schmidt, Multimedia Account Executive - toni.schmidt@apgsomn.com

Deanna Walters, Multimedia Account Executive - deanna.walters@apgsomn.com

Circulation & Subscriber Services

Kristina Morrison - kristina.morrison@apgsomn.com

Creative Services

Kate Townsend-Noet, Creative Supervisor - kate.townsend-noet@apgsomn.com

Katy McGillen - kate.mcgillen@apgsomn.com

Administrative Services – Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Linda Castle - linda.castle@apgsomn.com

Dianna Schmidt, Accounts Receivable and Advertising System specialist - dianna.schmidt@apgsomn.com

Mailing Addresses:

• Faribault Daily News

514 Central Ave. N, Faribault, MN 55021

• Owatonna People's Press

135 W Pearl St., Owatonna, MN 55060

• Northfield News

115 5th St. W, Northfield, MN 55057

• Waseca County News

213 2nd St. NW, Waseca, MN 56093

• St. Peter Herald

311 S Minnesota Ave., St. Peter, MN 56082

• Le Sueur County News

62 E. Minnesota St., Le Center, MN 56058

• Lonsdale Area News-Review

115 5th St. W, Northfield, MN 55057

• Kenyon Leader

638 Second St., Kenyon, MN 55946