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IOWA CITY, Iowa, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A partnership between edtech leader Pear Deck and Britannica Digital Learning is giving teachers more powerful tools for taking student engagement to new heights. Britannica's popular social studies platform, LaunchPacks, now includes interactive activities powered by Pear Deck as part of the expertly curated bundle of content.

For teachers, Britannica's LaunchPacks make lesson planning easier thanks to content drawn from an extensive collection of curriculum-aligned information and media. Educators love building and presenting interactive activities with Pear Deck because of its seamless integration with the tools they already use, like Google Slides, and formative assessment capabilities. Together, teachers now have ready-to-use activities that enhance the student learning experience.

This partnership is really about the power of authoritative content combined with teaching best practices, according to Pear Deck Chief Educator Michal Eynon-Lynch.

"As educators, we've experienced the powerful moments that occur when you pair compelling media with activities that give students the opportunity to engage deeply in the lesson," says Eynon-Lynch. "Britannica is known around the world for their wealth of trusted content in engaging multimedia formats with the ability to support differentiated learning, so we are thrilled about bringing it to life in a highly engaging way that aligns with best practices in learner-centered pedagogy."

"Pear Deck is a popular student engagement tool with teachers," said Karthik Krishnan, global CEO of the Britannica Group. "Adding pre-created Pear Decks on topics tied to state standards, with the ability for teachers to customize, saves teachers time and enhances student engagement and learning. Teachers can leverage the interactive features to expand students' thinking, personalize multimedia content in LaunchPacks based on learner needs and preference, and then reflect on what they've learned individually and as a class."

The LaunchPacks with interactive Pear Deck activities also include resources such as articles, images, or primary source material. Several types of formative assessments are included in each Pear Deck, from multiple-choice prompts to Drawing and Draggable™ questions. Teachers can use the Pear Deck activity as is, or customize them to match their classroom needs.

Pear Deck activities for grades 6-8 are now available to schools using the U.S. version of Britannica LaunchPacks Social Studies. For more information, visit

About Pear Deck™

Pear Deck was founded by educators on a mission to help teachers create powerful learning moments for every student, every day. Pear Deck's student engagement platform is used by 1 out of 3 schools in the United States to foster connections with learners of every age and ability. Backed by investors focused on solving major global problems in education, Pear Deck designs technology that is inclusive, accessible, and promotes equitable engagement in the classroom. To learn more, visit


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