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EDINA, Minn., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- While many women in the U.S. are gaining affluence, they remain far more vulnerable to impoverishment than their male counterparts. Women generally live longer than men (which often means outliving their retirement savings), are more likely to provide caregiving to family members, and, as study after study has shown, they lack financial confidence.

Moreover, as financial services marketing outspends financial education by 25:1 according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, there is a need for trustworthy, comprehensive and competent financial planning education for women. Moneyweave® Academy is passionately committed to addressing this need. Through advanced financial planning classes and expert-authored content, Moneyweave® Academy helps women gain clarity, confidence and control over their finances.

Mary Quist-Newins, Founder, President and Executive Director of Moneyweave® Academy, is a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) and holder of two master's degrees in finance, along with multiple advanced financial planning designations. She has more than 30 years of experience in financial services, including holding the only endowed academic chair in the nation dedicated to the study of women and money.

"The financial gains by American women are nothing short of remarkable," said Quist-Newins. "Yet women continue to face persistent financial challenges. It's this tension between the increasing affluence of professional women and their continued financial fragility that inspired the idea for Moneyweave® Academy."

Moneyweave® Academy offers expert-led financial planning classes, informational blogs and compelling podcast interviews featuring timely topics. It has committed to donating 20% of its net income to other organizations that focus on financial education for women and girls at risk of poverty.

The organization's first financial education course will be led by best-selling author and financial expert Kim Curtis, CFP® as she uncovers Money Mistakes Everyone Makes. The course will be held on May 13 from 1-2 p.m. CDT., and registration details can be found here:


Moneyweave® Academy is a 501.c.3. nonprofit corporation, founded in 2021 with a vision of enhancing the financial literacy and thus, the economic security of women and girls in the United States. Its nonprofit mission, concentration on comprehensive financial planning education for women, well-qualified content experts and beneficial impact are what sets Moneyweave® Academy apart. For more information, please visit


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