A Waseca woman allegedly assaulted and strangled a family member.

Kari Schumacher, 40, of Waseca, was arrested Wednesday, May 15 at her home and taken to the Waseca County Jail. She was charged with two counts of domestic assault — felony domestic assault-strangulation, and misdemeanor domestic assault. The alleged strangulation left marks on the victim’s neck.

According to the complaint, Schumacher came into the victim’s room and woke her up. Then Schumacher started throwing the contents of a dresser, that was moved there from Schumacher’s room, and Schumacher was screaming at the victim.

When the victim was allegedly trying to make a phone call, Schumacher tried to take her phone. This is when the alleged assault took place.

The victim stated that Schumacher choked her when trying to take the phone and that she was choked by Schumacher for about 15 seconds and that she couldn’t breath. A witness stated he heard the screaming and reportedly pulled Schumacher from the victim before the police arrived.

Police were able to talk with Schumacher about the alleged incident. Schumacher stated that the dresser had been moved from her room to the victims room by the victim. Schumacher stated to the police that she then went to the room and dumped out the dresser and that the victim is always taking things that aren’t hers.

When initially asked by police if anything physical happened, Schumacher didn’t say anything but changed to say that they allegedly wrestled for the phone. Schumacher says there was no hitting or punching or anything of that nature, unlike what the victim alleges.

Terrorist threats

A Waseca resident is accused of resisting arrest and threatening officers.

Johnnie Edward Tommy Coats, 23, of Waseca, was charged with a felony for terroristic threats, a gross misdemeanor for obstruction of legal process, and misdemeanors for disorderly conduct and trespassing. He was arrested and taken to the Waseca County Jail Tuesday, May 14.

Coats was found allegedly trespassing at Northridge apartments in Waseca from which he is banned. When police approached him about trespassing, Coats reportedly stated “You ain’t never served me anything, this low income housing, I can be here, I can’t be trespassed.”

According to the complaint, officers explained to Coats that the owners had served him with a trespass notice and there is an active one on file. He responded that he didn’t care and that he will trespass. When the officer reportedly told Coats he would be cited with trespassing, he allegedly started yelling expletives and that he knew his rights at the officer.

While one officer was allegedly trying to arrest Coats, two more officers arrived on scene and Coats did not comply. Because of the resistance, the officers applied double wrist lock holds to bring Coats’ hands behind his back. While Coats continued to resist, he allegedly said “I’m from Chicago, I’m not going to make this easy for you.”

With all three officers, they were able to restrain Coats in handcuffs, according to the complaint. It was reported that while trying to get Coats into handcuffs one of the officers received a cut on a knuckle.

Once Coats was in handcuffs, the struggle reportedly continued. He allegedly refused to get into the officers squad car and made the comments “I’m from Chicago where the cops are hard, I could kill all of you easily” and followed it with comments about shooting officers.

When he arrived at the Waseca County Jail he continued to scream at the officers. It was reported that while he was being escorted to his holding cell he made the comments “I’ve gotten away with two murders, they never found the bodies, and I see five more bodies right here. I have very good accuracy when I shoot and I always hit my target and I don’t care how long it takes I’m coming back to terrorize y’all.”

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