An Owatonna man faces a felony drug charge after being found with possession of methamphetamine.

Just after 1 a.m., Jan. 15 a Waseca police officer pulled over a vehicle after observing suspicious driving behavior and the vehicle made an abrupt turn without signaling the turn within 100 feet of the intersection.

There were three men in the car and one would be later identified as 26-year-old Matthew Burr, according to a criminal complaint filed in Waseca County.

When the officer asked if anything illegal would be found in the vehicle, the driver said he would not have anything illegal that belonged to him, but there may be drugs in the car and that the two other men in the car talked about picking up a ‘teener’ of meth downtown, according to the complaint.

When the officer approached the vehicle he observed the backseat passenger, Burr, shifting back and forth and bent over to the left, and according to the complaint, because of the furtive movements of both passengers, the officer asked the two men to step out of the vehicle.

While searching Burr, the officer found a black folding knife in his cargo pocket and a hypodermic needle in his pant leg at which time another officer arrived at the scene.

The complaint states the driver gave permission to the officers to search his vehicle and they located a black bag with two small bags inside of it on the floor of the rear passenger seat where Burr was seated.

One of the small bags contained a straw and each small bag contained a trace amount of a white crystal substance that field tested positive for meth, according to the complaint.

Officers found two more hypodermic needles in the rear passenger seat.

The officers also observed a small jewelers bag on the floor of the front passenger seat, in plain view, and another plastic bag on the floor with a while crystal substance inside that field tested positive for meth.

Meth is a schedule II controlled substance and if found guilty of a fifth degree controlled substance possession, Burr could face the maximum penalty of 10 years in jail a $20,000 fine or both.

Burr’s next appearance in Waseca County Court is Feb. 19.

Reach reporter Jennifer Holt at 837-5446, or follow her on Twitter at @WCNjennifer

Reach reporter Jennifer Holt at 837-5446, or follow her on Twitter at @WCNjennifer