JANESVILLE – During a special school board study session at Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton (JWP) on Monday night, incoming superintendent Bill Adams presented the results of a staff survey.

The results revealed that “ideally” the staff would like to have three full-time administrators — a superintendent, a K-6 principal and a 7-12 principal.

The board discussed budget constrictions and examined possible solutions for administration wants and needs.

After a long discussion, the board decided to advertise for a K-12 principal position offering a starting salary of $70,000 to $75,000 not including benefits.

Once that position is filled, they will further discuss a K-6 Dean of Students position for the elementary school. In order to keep the process moving forward, they also decided to post the job opening internally for the Activities Director position.

During the regular school board meeting, Jeremy Erler, Dean of Students, gave an update on the agriculture program at on Monday night.

“We they had 14 student register for ‘Ag Power’; 11 students register for ‘Exploring Ag’; six students that want to take ‘Home and Building Maintenance’; three students that signed up for ‘Horticulture’ and five students that want to take ‘Wildlife Management,’ ” Erler said. “The reality is that numbers don’t justify the offering most of these classes.”

Erler said they will be able to offer “Ag Power” and they are looking at having a community expert teach the “Exploring Ag” class in order to offer that class as well.

Superintendent Dick Orcutt said that they cannot have an FFA program at this time because they “have too few students,” however he suggested having students that are interested, go to a neighboring school. Orcutt said that Waterville-Elysian-Morristown might be “a natural fit.”

“It could be a really good way to get the program started and instill an interest in ag related courses,” Orcutt said.

Erler told the board that they changed the high school registration process this year. He said students used to have to choose classes that were available only during a certain time period, but this year, they got to choose from a big list of electives. Erler reported that they saw an increase in students talking Woods I and II and they also realized they were weren’t offering enough of the art classes.

The school board congratulated Business Manager Kristine Eustice for successfully completing the Minnesota Association of School Board Officials two-year program.

Eustice told the board that she would be bringing in the budget for approval at the next board meeting and that it looked like expenses for next year would be up significantly from this year.

Orcutt reminded the board that one of the things that has suffered due to budget cuts has been technology. He told them that one of the computer labs is eight years old and they will likely have to looking at replacing all of the computers in that lab at a cost of approximately $35,000 to $38,000.

School board member Kelly Heitkamp asked about the kitchen that is in dire need of updating. Eustice told him those expenses would come from a different pool of money.

Marianne Carlson covers education and law enforcement for the Waseca County News. Please call her at 507-837-5451.

Marianne Carlson covers education and law enforcement for the Waseca County News. Please call her at 507-837-5451.