The success of Scottish director, Steven Lewis Simpson’s adaptation of Minnesota Book Award-winning novel, “Neither Wolf Nor Dog,” defies logic. It was audience financed with 18 shoot days, a tiny crew, a 95-year-old star and a self-distributed release that started in small towns and is outperforming Hollywood blockbusters in numerous multiplexes.

The film adaptation tells the story of how a white Minnesota man answers a Lakota elder’s long-distance call for help. The film has steadily rolled out from theatres in Minnesota and the Dakotas and continues to spread, remarkably passing the 140th theater mark without yet going beyond 15 percent of the country.

Based on the best-selling Native American novel by Minnesotan Kent Nerburn, “Neither Wolf Nor Dog,” takes audiences on a deeply moving road trip through contemporary and historical Lakota life and culture.

Dave Bald Eagle was left for dead during D-Day. He had relatives at the infamous Wounded Knee massacre of 1890. The film’s climax was filmed at Wounded Knee Sacred ground.

“Neither Wolf Nor Dog” now opens at Zumbrota State Theater and runsz April 13, 20 and 21.

Visit: for the trailer.

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