Cars are stopping at the edge of Kenyon on Highway 60, but not to check for directions. Drivers, bike riders and walkers all seem to be converging to get a look at the Halloween display in the yard of Jeremy Horn at 102 Gunderson Boulevard.

<&firstgraph>The little white house and front yard sport a giant black spider on a web, a well-stocked tombstone cemetery, pumpkin leaf bags and an unfortunate body hanging high from a tree over the driveway. But there is a new item this year, a foreign addition to the usual Halloween display.

Particularly, it is a mysterious tall blue box that seems to be grabbing most of the attention.

As a Brit, Horn grew up with the adventures of “Doctor Who” the TV series. He remembers enemies like the Darleks and Cybermen. Even people who are not very familiar with the 1960’s-era series can recognize Dr. Who’s infamous Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine, otherwise known as the TARDIS. You could call it the little blue box that is bigger inside than out.

<&firstgraph>In the series, the TARDIS looks just like a common blue police box in England. A quick zip around Google will call up many images of the box for your reference, as well as audios of the sounds it makes. TARDIS is a time travel machine, but one with a circuitry problem that usually sent Doctor Who to an unplanned destination.

<&firstgraph>The wild-eyed and crazy-haired Doctor Who is an icon in the Sci-Fi world, said Horn. The show has become very popular around the globe during the decades it has run on television.

The series has a great following here in America as well. Horn said he has a number of friends in America that love the show, so he decided to build a life size TARDIS of his own to display for their annual Halloween party.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Horn said it started with a quick cheap project, but soon turned into an adventure when he decided to make a more permanent looking structure that even has a usable door and lights up at night.

“I did a lot of research online on other peoples’ attempts and designed the whole thing in my head, said Horn. “If you can imagine it, you can build it, and that’s just what I did.”

He had no plans, just the image and an idea of how he was going to achieve it. After a number of trips to Menards in Northfield to get supplies, the journey began. Working in the garage every night after work for about two weeks, Horn assembled his time machine.

“After a lot of sawing, nailing, gluing and painting, I have my very own TARDIS in the front yard,” he said. “And from what I can tell it has been a real head-turn for passersbys.”

Bobbie Jean Knealing, Horn’s significant other, said she had no idea what TARDIS even was until she read his Facebook posts about it. She said it turned out awesome, and enjoys watching peoples’ reactions in their yard.

On a recent trip into town, Jay Hambidge drove by Jeremy Horn’s roadside display. As a big Doctor Who fan, he said he recognized TARDIS right away. People who are familiar with the series will want to see this, commented Hambridge.

But this is not the only spooky holiday decor in town. On the north end of Kenyon, just before Peterson Ford on Highway 56, the 100 Ladies & Gentleman Fall Sale is going on. There at the home of Curt and Marlene Morrow, the annual scarecrow contest gives folks a taste of local creativity. Visitors get to vote for their top choices, and there are usually quite a variety to choose from.

A nighttime walk around town revealed more Halloween decorations at residences. Some yards were lit up with huge ghosts, grinning pumpkins and grave markers. It is worth a stroll down the streets to take it all in before the season changes over to Santa and Christmas lights.<&firstgraph>

Reach Publisher and Editor Terri Washburn at 333-3148, or follow her on @KenyonTerri.

Reach Publisher and Editor Terri Washburn at 333-3148, or follow her on @KenyonTerri.