Dear Editor,

As the parents of Scott Honour, who is running for Governor of Minnesota, we have been extremely lucky to be able to travel the state talking about his plan to better our great state for years to come Visiting Kenyon this week was an absolute pleasure. This city has so much charm and such a wonderful Minnesota feel, and the residents were more than welcoming. We chatted with a variety of folks introducing them to our son and hearing what they are looking for in their next governor. We once again heard that Minnesotans want a change from the politics as usual sort of candidate and would rather have a candidate with a history of getting results. Scott Honour has done that in business, and he’s also excelled as a husband and father to three beautiful children. The primary election is August 12 and if you would like a conservative businessman, rather than a career politician, please vote for our son, Scott Honour.


John & Marlys Honour

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