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School starting date, Patriot Day, and other things

Once again the school year starts the day after Labor Day. The statewide starting day for school was established by the legislature for the 1986-87 school year. Prior to 1986, school starting dates were decided upon by local school districts. In Kenyon from 1960-86 school would start the last week in August. With Labor Day coming as late as possible this year, many students will miss out on a week of necessary preparation for state comprehensive tests whose dates have already been established. For a variety of reasons school districts can apply for a variance on the starting date, but there are many factors in this decision, including cooperative learning classes from neighboring districts. The tourism lobby and State Fair people for almost 30 years have influenced legislators to keep school from starting until after Labor Day. It is amazing how two special interest groups can affect the education of thousands of students. Perhaps the legislature should mandate a year around school with students in session for 45 days and 10 days off. Finishing the third week in June and starting again the second week of August during that extended time off maintenance work could be done in the buildings. Studies have shown that students retain more of what they learned the previous year when using the year around school model. I know many people do not agree with this concept, but one person who did was the late Jeff Evert. Comments (0)


Aspelund Winery

Entrepreneurs Dawn and Bruce Rohl have recently opened the Aspelund Winery, which is in the same location as the Aspelund Peony Garden. If a person is looking for a fine chardonnay, a merlot or a cabernet they will not find any of those there. Comments (0)


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