To the editor:

I agree that lawmakers need to talk about firearms. First, they must know the difference between assault rifles and sporting rifles. Assault rifles are fully automatic weapons and have been banned for civilian use since the 1986 Firearms Owner’s Protection Act. Sporting rifles are semi-automatic. The look does not define function.

Second, limiting clip capacity had no effect on crime rates in 1994 under the Brady Bill, Why repeat another failure? Banning high-capacity clips is “feel good” legislation. It does not make an impact.

Third, Adam Lanza did not use a rifle in Newtown. As NBC news reported much later, he used four handguns. President Reagan was shot with a revolver not a rifle, yet after both of these cases the focus has been on banning a class of semi-automatic sporting rifles because they look like those used by our military and banning high capacity clips.

The sale of fully-automatic weapons to the public has been illegal for over 20 years. The sale of firearms to those judged mentally defective is already against the law; this health information must be available to the FBI when conducting background checks. New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago have the strictest gun control laws and yet are among the most crime-ridden filth holes in the country.

Our legislators, churches, all of us need to ask, "What has gone wrong with our society that it has become so violent now? What changed?" Let’s stop blaming guns, golf clubs, knives, and claw hammers and start dealing with the real issue. You cannot legislate the human heart.

We had guns in the ’80s and no school shootings then and the only time law enforcement came to our school was during career day. Let’s start enforcing the laws already on the books.


Jon D. Munch RN, BA, NREMT