Last week’s Mystery Shot: Steele County Fairgrounds

Consider it our chance to leave flowers.

As you all likely know, Jim Gleason, the former secretary/manager of the Steele County Free Fair, died last week. It was a great loss for his family, his many friends, the Steele County Free Fair and the county as a whole.

So we decided to make our Mystery Shot last week some flowers. Several folks guessed that they were the flowers planted in Central Park in downtown Owatonna. A good guess, but no.

We thought it might be appropriate to find something on the fairgrounds. And so we did.

The Mystery Shot for April 6, 2019, are the flowers at the base of the flagpole in Fair Square Park on the fairgrounds.

Correctly identifying the Mystery Shot were Pat Arnesen; Tom and JoAnn Eichten; James and Mat Joachim; and Linda, Michelle and Derald Shaw.

We like the comments of the Eichtens.

“The Mystery Shot is so beautiful! It wasn’t taken last week, was it? It’s a planter from somewhere. I don’t think it’s downtown because those have round corners, so I’m just going to guess it’s from the Steele County Fairgrounds during the last fair. It would be fitting because we just had the funeral of Jim Gleason, the secretary/manager of the fair.”

They were almost completely right. The photo, however, was not taken during last year’s fair. It was taken in August 2013, one year after Jim became the fair manager.

Thanks to all who participated.

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