OWATONNA — Homestead Hospice, Inc. received the following memorials and donations for the months of July and August 2012.

In memory of

Ev Berg — James and Karen Hines; Nels Thompson; James and Karen Killen; Vilnis and Joanne Giga; Robert and Valerie Anderson; David and Susan Wavrin; Daniel and Margaret Gaworecki; Gerald and Judy Qualley; Daniel and Beth Filzen; Robert and Carol Loe; Jual and Mildred DeLaitsch; David McGoff; Ronald and Gaye McCann; Mark Moonan Walbran; Tim and Karla Ihrke; Dolores Appel; Bryce Wahl; Paul and Debbie Campbell; Adele Mehta; Douglas and Stephanie Kolbe; Jon and Michelle Ingvaldson; Pat Berg;

B. Bernie — Luverne Wanous;

Pat Cassen — Leo Spindler; Ken and Sandy Dinse; Richard and Darlene Wencl; Ora Kubicek; Brad and Linda Eickhoff; Laura Krenke; Marlin and Karen Behne; Bernard and Frances Jirele; Harriet Jirousek; James and Margaret Deml; Janice Schuster; Nancy Schliep; Friends;

Dick Dahl — Ken and Ann Prestegard; Marcella Randall; Dean and JoAnn Shankland; Duane and Lorraine Yule; Ted and Kim Slezak; Dennis and Beverly Haugen; Curtis and Judy Dahl; Cleo and Gerry Vaupel; John and Patricia Keahey; Mike and Jean Koziolek; John and Beverly Standke; George and Sara Wacek; Betty Jensen; DeWayne and Gert Halverson; Jim and Jan Schmidt; Bev Hortop; LaVonne Wolters; Allen Wilmot; Jim Wolters; Fred and Helen Ulrich; Carl and Marge Drache; Frances Hanson; David and Nancy Fisher; Merrill Jensen; Luverne Wanous; Leonard and Eleanor Johnson; Steve and Diane LaVallie; Dean and Diane Opsahl; Robert and Sandra Schuette; Luverne Wanous; Inez and Stan Degen; Janet Paulson; Marian Dalland;

Ron Diedrich — Shirley Erickson; Chuck and Audrey Marion; Lyle and Barbara Snider; Wilma Chappuis; Arlan and Bev Burmeister; Jim and Karen Killen; Gaylord Moeckly; Vilnis and Joanne Giga; Mary Krippner; Norval and Mary Thorpie; Wayne and Donna Grubish; David and Mary Johnson; John and Pat Keahey; Rita and Robert DeWerd; Neal Rietz; Ralph Christenson; James Hursh; Jean and Dick Deschane; Mike and Rita Ellingsen; Kathleen Tillotson; Tom and Kathy deWerd; Darlene Kraay; Albert and Elaine Warner; Glen and Joan Schauer; Jim and Shari Franke; Sharon Besoner; Tony and Barb; Monica Raney; Dave and Lori Henry; Doris Lea; Al and Pat Jirele; Joyce Pribyl; friend;

Richard Haberman — Larry and Betty;

Lenny Heiseke — Jan and Jerry Meilahn;

Dean Kaplan — Lloyd and Jacqueline Kaplan;

Doris Kern — Otto and JoAnne Havelka; Marian Dalland;

Jerome Knish — Dorothy Fischer; Bonnie Judd; Enzenauer; Gene and Helen Morris; Angela Knish;

Jim Kraay — Roger Olson;

Bernard Kubista — Victor and Esther Fischer; Bernice Pelinka;

Evelyn Mees — Luverne Wanous; Inez and Stan Degen; Francis and Patricia Deml; Elmer Mees; Bernard Pribyl; Bernice Pelinka; Richard and Evelyn Kubista; June and Donald Fisher; Ronald and Audrey Hrdlichka;

Esther Rasales Ortega — Thomas Deetz;

Judith Peterson — Julie and Eric Dressel;

Gilbert Pogones — Bernice Pelinka;

Marjorie-Simons Ptacek — Cathy Becker;

Beverly Ruzek — Diane Larson; Family and Friends;

Dick Ruzek — Inez and Stan Degen; Janet Paulson; Glen and Shirley Nelson; Jace and Valerie Nelson; Diane Larson;

Cheryl Sauke — Karen and Bob Pirkl; Friends and Family; Christopher Sauke; Joshua and Amy Matejcek; Glenn and Carol Kruckeberg; Donna and Mark Ihlenfeld; David and Rita Goodnature; Mandy Deming; Mitchell and Jennifer Malakowsky; Nancy Vaillancourt;

Arlene Scherger — Myron and Sandra Schmidt; T.E. Slette; David and Jean Krause; Kerry and Shirley Koestler; Robert Scherger;

Donald Seykora — Janet Paulson;

Marjorie Simmons — Marlys Sylvester; Dorothy Dicus; Friends;

Arlene Sisler — Lloyd and Jacqueline Kaplan;

Don Starks — Bernard Pribyl; Virginia Zacharias; Francis and Patricia Deml; Marian Dalland; Mr. and Mrs. Starks;

Bob Stewart — Jim and Sharon Wiggins;

Forest Strnad — D.R. Peterson; Wanda Weber; Sandra Jandro; David and Katherine Fiksen; Bruce Purdie; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ideker; Gordon and Arlis Martinson; Lisa Dudley;

Steven Thompson — John and Cheryl Bastyr;

Gert Trenda — Bernice Pelinka;

Donald Wilker — Jurene Mortensen;

Lloyd Zolnowsky — Marjean and Sylvester Miller;


Eagles Auxiliary — Gambling Fund

Memorials and donations

may be sent to :

Homestead Hospice, Inc.

2350 NW 26th St.

Owatonna, MN 55060