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Krieg convicted of attempted murder in Medford shooting case

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Posted: Thursday, February 7, 2013 11:12 am | Updated: 1:40 pm, Fri Feb 8, 2013.

OWATONNA — Third District Judge Joseph Bueltel on Tuesday found Jason Paul Krieg guilty on two counts of attempted murder and not guilty on one count of drive-by shooting after a trial centered on the shooting at an area restaurant last year.

Krieg was on trial for first-degree attempted murder, second-degree attempted murder and performing a drive-by shooting for an incident that occurred on Jan. 9, 2012, at the Medford McDonald’s. Krieg was a suspect in the case and was arrested two days after the shooting after he fled from police on foot.

According to the order signed by Bueltel for the verdict, the prosecution was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Krieg was trying to kill the victim in the case, who was sitting inside his mother’s car at McDonald’s when Krieg fired six bullets that all struck the vehicle. The ruling showed the state had proved that Krieg intended to kill, had motive and premeditated intentions the shooting.

Conversely, Bueltel ruled that the state did not prove that Krieg exited the vehicle driven by Marcy Busho and then recklessly discharged a firearm toward the victim, which would have qualified the shooting as a drive-by shooting.

During the trial, the Krieg’s defense argued that he was only trying to scare the victim by firing into the vehicle.

Bueltel sided with the prosecution.

“Given all the evidence, this is not a situation where Defendant was merely trying to scare (the victim),” Bueltel wrote. “Defendant had intent to kill. Defendant acted with purpose to cause the death of (the victim). Defendant believed that his actions would result in the death of (the victim).”

Steele County Attorney Dan McIntosh said the rulings on the attempted murder charges was consistent with his view of the case.

“We feel good on behalf of the victims of the case. They’ll get a sense of justice” McIntosh said.

Krieg is set to be sentenced on May 1. Because second-degree attempted murder is a lesser included charge to first-degree attempted murder, Krieg will only be sentenced for the first degree charge. He faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

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  • Dunbarian posted at 6:57 pm on Sat, Aug 16, 2014.

    Dunbarian Posts: 1

    I went to to highschool with this *sshole in Wa State. I am not at all surprised. He killed my good friend Yolanda in Oct 1987. In "car Accident".
    He lied to the police and told them she was driving. He also lied about their infant son being in vehicle with them. They found him nearby in some bushes. The police said from the way her head was caved in it didn't look like an accident, but they couldn't prove that. So the case never went anywhere.
    He was laughing at her funereral as her mother was draped over her (closed) casket sobbing like no mother should ever have to do.
    He was bully mean as hell. I don't know what Yolanda ever saw im him. I tried to talk to her about it,but she was in love. She paid for that with her life. It eats at me that she will never get justice. To bad he got away scott free, so he could kill again.
    I take great pleasure seeing him in that orange prison suit. Hope he drops the soap everytime he takes a shower. Bottoms Up Jason.

  • jerbear posted at 12:54 pm on Thu, Feb 7, 2013.

    jerbear Posts: 2

    Hope the meth head gets put away for a long time [beam]


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