Homestead Hospice, Inc. received the following memorials and donations for the months of November and December 2009.

In Memory of

Glenn Adams — Clifford Zufall; Sandy and Buff Scott; Helena Schmidt; Ruth Adams; Gary and Phyllis Terrill; John and Linda Mistik; Lois Nash; Don and Leah Konken; Frank and Judy Wencl; Bill and Theona Lewison; Curt and Sharon Thoreson; Leland and Sigrid Johnson; Paul and Selma Reb; Dale and Becky Grotsunm; Brian and Jodi Keck; LeRoy and Donna Thoreson

Mike Amberg — Patrick and Barbara Haberman; Robert and Marlys Stark

Dale Anhorn — James and Margaret Deml; Tom Hill

Dave Bailey — Michael and Charlene Sethney; Thomas Partridge; Steven and Morene Rohlik; Sheila Meixner; Richard and Joanne LaLonde; John and Eva Karp; Patrick and Shirley McCarthy; David and Jean Krause; James and Pamela Seaser

Robert Bedford — Don and Maxine Antl

Joan Buskovick — Roger and Joan Keller; Barbara and Gary Underland

Bill Carlson — Mary L. Sette

Ray Colwell — Virginia Anderson; JoAnne Lockner; J.D. and Audrey Holland; Marjorie Zimmerman; William and Helen Holden; E.J. and G.E. Steuernagel

Judy Dahle — Harlan and Mary Schultz

George Dietz — Dick and Helen Kay; R.E. Broman; Robert and Ruth Bullock; Jan and Jerry Clementsen; George and Jenelle Dow; Janice and Wayne Ebert; Dale and Bonnie Jensen; James and Karen Killen; Kathryn Mullally; Dean and JoAnn Shankland

Eugene Dittrich — Richard and Jane Haase

Arlene Fox — Dixie and Warren Enevoldsen; David and Kim Ramsey; Bradley and Heidi Meier; Rita Michaelson; Herman Clausen; Harold and Beverly Landsman; Beverly Bower; Lowell and Betty Schultz; Colleen Wigham; Cheryl and Steven Erdman; Terri and Thomas Effertz; Stephanie, James, and Curtis; Dean and Kelly Velzke

Will Giese — Marilyn Flanagan

Robert Green — William and Cheryl Green

Louis Horsley — Family; Harry and Eileen Monahan; Richard and Carol Fryman

Kathy Jarvi — Otto and JoAnne Havelka; Harvey and Ida Miller; Roger and Joanne Sorenson; Gene Drake; Mark Moonan Walbran; Dana and Lorraine Finne; Norma and Kenneth Teeters; Ronald and Sharon Ringhofer; Harley and Lana Hanson; Mary Butler Fraser; Thomas and Anna Brick; Francyne and Robert Maki; Gilbert and Sharon Kubicek; Daniel Gorman; Connie Bock; Lloyd Kern; Wally and Ramona Jandro; Pat and Tom Kingsley; Rhonda and Mike Fleming; Sandy Stahl; JoAnn Deml; Wendy Ayotte; Jo Matz; Donn and Julie Robinson; Donald Robinson; Ellie Evert; Sue Anderson; Mr. and Mrs. Hank Falcone; Duane and Sheila Luttring; Jesse and Jenny Cupkie; Trent, Kari, Erika, Clara, Alex; Jeff and Deb Smith; Steve Granquist; Gwen Sahf; Bob and Pat Mollenhauer; Jane Middlestadt; Craig Lewison; Kate Funk; George Olson; Elks Club BPOE 1395; Mr. and Mrs. Tim O’Brien; Mr. and Mrs. John O’Brien; Eileen Larson; Cheryl Schnorenberg; Howard and Pat Rethemeier; Jim and Rachel Zabel; Mike, Deb, and Kristen Schiller; Dale and Marlene Machacek; Edwin Zabel; John and Carlene Mason; Bob Wacek; Clyde and Linda Christofferson; Jim Vesterby; Jeff Heil, Jr.; Bernard and Fran Jirele; Carol Tighe; Mark and Jody Madsen; Brad Prokopec and Family; David and Sheryl Ignaszewski; Gene and Lori Barwick; Pat and Barb Lennon; Tim and Sandi Hassing; Brian and Bonnie Jo Machacek; Dale and Linda Jeno; Ed and Janet Springer; The Nerads; Al Hansen; Phil and Joanie Langr; James Steinbauer; Donna Sellner; Greg and Evie Wold; Keith and Dianne Unruh; Greg and Joan Salmonsen; Eileen Johnson; Joey and Florence Ptacek; Gary and Charlene Wolff; Robert and Sheila Wencl; Rodney Peach; Phyllis Kaderlik; Arnold Beyer; James McEnaney

Walter Jirousek — Harriet Jirousek

Anna Johnson — Averyl Heiserman; Lois and Cliff Yule

James Kern — Herman and Nancy Eisen

Sylvia Klemmer — Herb and Donna Budig; Lois and Cliff Yule

J.C. Kraay — Darryl Hill; Chuck and Jodie Pollock; Jostens, Inc.

George Lund — Mary Ann Betlach; Leroy and Sharon Schroeder; Mr. and Mrs. James Prokopec; Jack and Sylvia Prokopec

Irene Matejcek — Marjorie Dumont; Richard and Darlene Wencl; Terry and Robin Hansen; Troy and Linda Matejcek; Robert and Donna Wikre; Anne Pichner; Donald and Verna Thiede; Gary and Kathy Stoltz; VFW Ladies Auxiliary; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Meyer; Glenn and Liz Naatz; Rosemary Naatz; Victor Stenzel

Paul Mathews — Barbara Jacobson; Joe and Marlene Breckner; Lenae Addabbo; Denise Woodrich; James McEnaney; Tom Hill

Pat McEnaney — Teresa and Michael Schlichting; Donald and Theresa Kubicek; Phyllis Olson; Kathleen and Paul Kelnberger; Jan Crippen; Dudley and Emma Otto; Pat and Sandy Geraghty

Robert Meyer — James and Darlene Kraay

Mother of Ann McKernon — John and Valerie Fellows

Mother of Tim, Dale and Roxy Ulrich — Tom Hill

Diane Neigebauer — Anita and Steven Pfeifer

Lowell Nelson — Mr. and Mrs. Lavern Soukup; Rose Pirkl; James and Darlene Kraay

Lola Nesdahl — Paul and Delores Kubicek; Dorothy Eaton

June Nierengarten — Daryl and Karen Kanne

Bennie Nowariak — Lois and Cliff Yule

Sam Olson — Walter and Ramona Jandro

Lavergne Pierson — Marian Auchter; Gary and Kristin Cramer; Judith and Joseph Jackson; Donald Pearson

Melvin Pitan — Janet and Mike Finne

Jim Ritter — Paul Mathews; Ken and Sandy Dinse

Glendon Schuster — Virginia Thompson

Bev Soukup — Ronald and Barbara Schmidt

William Talley — Barbara Jacobson; Coolant Consultants, Inc.; Arvid and Pat Mensing; Arlys Rysavy; Jim and Donna Dalland; Donald and Theresa Kubicek

Donald Trom — Ronald and Barbara Allen; Charles and Betty Herdina; Keith and Carol Holman; Darrell and Ramona Jacobson; Gary Jacobson; Daryl and Jane Prihoda; Pamela and Brian Raichle; Gregory and Karen Rosevold; Shirley Schley; Wayne and Janet Starman; Deni and Margaret Springer; Ellen Stebbins; Donald and Karen Kaplan; Lee and Audrey Bryngelson; Janice Budensiek; Wayne and Norma Jean Clark; Gordy, Deb, and Shannon Eby; Walter and Delores Ersland; Gwen Fitchen; Marilyn Fiebiger; Jeff and Jelaine Gwift; Mike and Bev Hjelman; Kurt and Monica Konald; Jim and Elaine Loaney; Bob and Norma Long; Don and Nancy Nord; Jeff and Teresa Zemke

Chris Tysdale — Dawn and Troy Zimmerman; Frances and Gene Rassman; Ronald and Jean Kjos; Raul and Amelia Castillo; Debbie Nowak; Sons of American Legion; Steve and Mary Gile

Margaret Vaith — Perkins and Vaith families

Catherine Wallin — Anne Pichner; Joseph Sweere, Kenneth and Doris Henry; Jeanette Pirkl; Allan Peterson; Evelyn Kaplan

Gwen Wangen — Emily Herrmann

Christine Wavrin — Laverl Hansen; Dr. and Mrs. Thiele; Larry and Lori Jandro; Eugene and Judith Wobbrock; John and Pamela Hallman; Arlene Anderson; Rick and Stacy Wittrock

Dale Wolfe — Mark and Carole McClure

Cliff Yule — Darrell and Laurel Phelps; James and Darlene Kraay; Dorothy Eaton; James and Karen Killen


Tom and Ann Scmitt; VFW No. 3723; Rienard Linde

Memorials and donations may be sent: 

Homestead Hospice House, Inc.

2350 NW 26th St.

Oawtonna, MN 55060.