The Owatonna Hospice - Patient Care Fund received the following memorials and donations for the months of May and June.

In memory of

Roger Bertler — Donna McLoone

Sid Boreen — Marjorie Jones; Robert and Diane Jungbluth

Leland Coulter — Duane and Dessie Gasner

Ken Deetz — Paula and Bill Steinbronn; Kirsten Kaffine

John Deml — Delores Seykora; Ryan Hansen; Cynthia Peterson; Janet Sinclair

Bernard Dietz — Sidney and Cornelia Brosen; Marge Deml; Darlene Nicolai; Rita Dietz

Theresa Gilman — Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Johnson

Bee Ginter — Leo and Theo Antl; Arlene Utpadel

Elaine Hallenberger — Bernie and Sue Prihoda; Duane and Dessie Gasner

Libbie Levy — Jim and Kay Wagner

Kelly Lewis — David and Jolynn Chadwick

Gene Pichner — Francis and Sharon Wanous; Dolores Maher; Duane and Dessie Gasner

Oliver Randal — Don and Virginia Fischer

Ann Wallace — Craig Wallace; Federated Insurance

Joldine Yocum — James and Donna Haugen; Rita and David Braaten; Carol Petersen; Devon Kytola; Friends and family

Mary Zolnosky — Don and Virginia Fisher


Eagles Auxiliary 1791, c/o Beverly Hortop

Memorials and donations may be sent to:

Owatonna Hospice

c/o Patient Care Fund

2350 NW 26th St.

Owatonna, MN 55060