Homestead Hospice of Owatonna Hospital, Inc., received the following memorials and donations for the month of November.

In memory of -- given by:

Donna Aherns -- Eleanor Simon, Ron and Vicky Kruesel, Ron and Pat Hanson.

Clarence Behsman -- Ken and Audrey Long, Donald Wilker, Tracy Behsman, Orville and Adrienne Rothgarn.

Boeke, Father of Dan -- Andrew and Lola Baud, Daniel Gorman, Dan and Laurie.

Daniel Buchaqnan -- Mary Freeman, Bernice Ginter.

Merle Dalland -- Keith Kiel, Howard and Phyllis Thamert, Luverne and Marilyn Wanous, Craig and Julie Thompson, Doris Kriesel, Francis and Sharon Wanous, Bob and Dorothy Jensen, Dee Ulrich family.

Michael Davis -- Betty Miller.

Jean DeVries -- Maxine and Don Larson.

Rene Durand -- Clair and Shirlee Peterson, Cologne Hortop.

Isabelle Foreman -- Bill and Sarah Foreman, Lavine and Lloyd Nelson, Patricia and Tom Kingsley.

Ray Gainey -- Schroht family.

Iola Gontarek -- Ruth Braun.

Walter Gretsfeld -- Harlan and Mary Schultz.

Dewayne Kenneth Hansen -- Gloria Ann Johnson.

Floyd Harne -- James and Arlene Lage, Chuck and Sue Grubish, Barb Mathias, Jay and Sue Welch, Joanie Harris-Meyer, Jon and Lila Jensen, Dick Reinhardt, Marilyn Fredrickson, Gary Wolff and Charlene.

Donna Hayes -- Curtis Hayes, Tom Hill.

Vicki Henry -- Robert and Evelyn Bernet, John and Marilyn Betlach.

Iola Gontarek -- Janet Anhorn and Joan Skou.

Lucille Jenke --Lucille Schroht.

Gertrude Johnson -- Rick and Mary Ann Souers.

Gregory Arnold Johnson -- Gloria Ann Johnson.

Donna Kaiser -- Merle and Marion Dalland.

Ethel Klein -- James and Jean Gleason, Myrtle Bowe, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Schultz, Roy Malm, Arlene and Theodore Sorensen, Eugene and Barbara Miller, Marie Chase, Irene Wanous, Yvonne Ahrens-Wencl, Tom and Martha Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Johnson, Barbara Dewey, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kubista, Knights of Columbus, Florence Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fritze, Ruth Jacobson, Betty Hager, Howard and Norma Jacobson, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Arndt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson, Vera Beers, Barb Borwege, Lois Cassen, Mr. and Mrs. John Conner, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Currier, Scott Delsus, Jane Dulac, Mr. and Mrs. James Ebenhoh, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Evenson, Patti Flynn, Donald Fritze, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Gasner, Delores Glynn, Jeanette Grobner, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Gruke, Mr. and Mrs. John Hallenberger, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harding, Norma Harmer, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Herzog, Tim Jaafuru, Mary Lou Johnson, Jeanette Kispert, Don Klein, Don Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Milbrath, Laura and Kathy Moe, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Mussman, Paula Poff, Mr. and Mrs. Proulx, Mr. and Mrs. Orren Ribbe, Mr. and Mrs. George Rysavy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schafer, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schwartz, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Spinler, Mr. and Mrs. Don Starks, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stange, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Standke, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Westrum, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Woker, Irene Behrends, Lorraine Cornelius, Caroline Reiderer, Barbara Klein, Mr. and Mrs. Norbert VonRuden, Mr. and Mrs. Stephens Lange.

Kathryn Krogh -- Gilma Jones, Bernie and Glenda Hanson, Ron and Pat Hanson, Harland and Ramona Strohschein, Janet Anhorn.

Kevin Kruckeberg -- Francis and Sharon Wanous.

Bruce Larson -- Bob and Rita DeWerd.

Orpa Larson -- Dale and Beverly Bowers.

Lena Lingbeck (Vaupel) -- Cheryl Sorensen.

Leonard Matson -- Gerald and Cheryl Anderson, Gary and Margaret Trilk, Terry and Nancy Casperson, Wayde and Judy Bishop.

Leonard Matson -- Mark and Cheri Spatenka, Bruce and Elaine Barrett, Richard and Rebecca Reese, Curtis and Brenda Homeier, Betty Beattie, Sabra Otteson, Cindy and Jon Stelter, Roberta and Dennis Halverson, Daniel Gorman, Ralph and Betty Brown, Luverne Elsner, Debbie Hoffman, Betty Lou Johnson, Roger and Sharon Standke, Bernadine Bailey, Carol Kath, Clara Matson, Myrtle Locke, Jeanne Kniefel, Arnett Balls, Larry Beers, Ken and Bert Neumendahl, Warren and Max Manke, Florence Reese, Dean Von Ruden, Lloyd Henke, David and Jan Vaith, Vera Beers, Ted Stayle, Stan and Jan Frank, Larry Schubert, Beverly Bremer, Charles and Gretchen Kaplan, Leonard Miller, Jeff Huxford, Lowell Mollenhauer, Wayne and Grace Steele, Cathy and Roger Guimond, Ron and Mary Seykora, Steve and Sara Deming, Anthony Kniefel.

Earl McNearney -- Bob and Rita deWerd.

John Neil Junior -- Doug and Carole Matthees.

Jimmie Olson -- Bill and Ann Klemmensen.

Myrtle Peterson -- Gary Petersen.

Ronald Pierce -- Dilly Pierce, Richard and Helen Kay.

Marieta Remington -- Janet Schneider.

Mary Ann Rongstad -- Rollie and Ann Truelson, Jim and Diane Drache, Orvin Grunklee, Bernice Ginter.

Jennie Russell -- Rose Pirkl.

Dean Sanderson -- Nancy Kennon, Mary Lou Johnson, George and Harriet Matchan, Jeanne Uber, Barry and Renee Gillespie, David and Jean Krause, Don and Carolyn Huff, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Maas, Larry and Diane Kuchenbecker, Barry and Sharon Bishop, Ron and Kathy Schleif, Captain Eric and Victoria Neidlinger, Dorothy Meyering.

Miguel Santana, Sr. -- Judy Peterson.

Pat Shamp -- Bob and RIta deWerd.

David Stockwell -- Jim and Erliss Grass, Eugene Kriesel.

Vivian Svenby -- Bernie and Glenda Hanson, Joyce Melby, Gertrude Christianson, Richard and Maryann Haberman, Janice and Owen Svenby, Florence Reese.

Ione Thom -- Janet Sargent, Jim Karaus, Jeff and Jessica Larson, Dean and Joyce Larson, Ginny Thompson, Bernie and Glenda Hanson, Glendon and Priscilla Schuster, Bob and Pat Fischer, Gen Murdock, Eddie and Jackie Winxenburg, Nancy Paulson, Alice Bergeron, Ron and Pat Hanson, Richard and Maryann Haberman, Doris Krause, Doris Masche, Ray and Viola Bailey, Robert and Bonnie Sax, William and Lorie Thompson, Steve and Doreen Monson, Ramah Rypka, Brenda Burshem, Gladys Wavrin, Tony and Doris Seykora, Lonny and Susan Klemmensen, Harland and Ramona Strohschein, Kristi and Jeffrey Kaplan, Patricia Cassen, Donald Wilker, Gary and Linda Seykora, Donnamae McCamish, Gwendolyn Fichten, Lloyd and Jackie Kaplan, Randal and Cindy Rysavy, Cliff and Lois Yule.

Lois Thurnau -- Family and friends, Deeta Young-Erickson, Theresa and Gregory Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stevens, George and Karen Von Ruden, Hazel Bowman, Donald and Constance Abbe, Elmer and Irene Lamont.

Joan Tuttle -- Mary Freeman, Bernice Ginter.

Robert Ulrich -- Sid and Cornelia Brosen, Gilma Jones, Melissa Anderson, LaVonne Meixner, Marjorie Jones, Marian Hofdahl, Lois Spatenka, Pat Cassen, Luverne and Marilyn Wanous.

Pieter Visser -- Paddy Schafter, Bob and Dorothy Jensen, Bernice Ginter, Joyce Nelson, Kevin and Michelle Blaha, Harvey and Sharon West, Jan and Riet Boers, Phillip and Marlys Mickelson, Jual and Mildred Delaitsch, Barbara Jacobson, R. D. and JoAnn Shankland, Robert and Judith, Remker, Matt and Stephanie Duhnie, Elizabeth Kidder, Margaret and Donald Prusha, Donald Kubicek, Judy Morrissey, Steve and Theresa Pittman, Allan and Darla Terpstra, Bud Peka and Sue Hagen, Pat and Barb Lennon, Roger and Julia Miller, Betty Kaplan, John Mullenmaster.

Dale Walker -- Ruth Braun.

John Wencl -- Francis and Sharon Wanous, Jerry and Sharon Katzung, Maureen Kujath.

Gilbert Wendinger -- Joyce and Jim Dunnum, Carolyn and Don Huff.

Ralph Wilkie -- Richard and Maryann Haberman, Bernard and Rita Dietz, Evelyn Pike.

David Ziegler -- Richard and Carol Fryman.

Donations were received from Margaret Gruzebeck, Harold Schroeder, Larry and Barb Ripka, Lorraine Grass, Weston and Cindy Wilson, Steele Co. Economics, Federated Quarter Century Club.

Memorials and donations may be sent to Homestead Hospice House, Inc., 2350 26th St. NW, Owatonna, MN 55060.