The Cannon River Sportsmen’s Club has a new addition to the public archery range and it is proving to be extremely popular.

Thomas West donated his time and talent to construct the new elevated shooting platform, while members of Cannon River Sportsmen’s Club donated time and the funds to complete this new project.

After opening last year, Northfield residents are enjoying their second year of the local archery range. The club reports outstanding use of the facility. They are very pleased to have seen a real upsurge in usage this year by young adults with their parents.

Located on Spring Creek Road on the east end of Northfield, next to the water tower, it is open from dawn to dusk all year round. It seems that with the nature of the sport, the range has a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Those using the range are quiet, thoughtful and ready at anytime to have a conversation about the sport they enjoy. Located on a hill overlooking the city it is very picturesque, well maintained with picnic tables, bow hangers, a portable restroom and ample parking. The club has sponsored and directed adult and youth archery classes; they have even had a few birthday group events at the range this year. If you haven’t checked out the park yet take a drive and climb the new tower for a good look at the range and the city!

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