To the editor:

The DNC is not winning votes in my precinct by telling Democratic candidates to avoid talking about the issue and not by threatening a viable progressive Democratic candidate who wants a debate on the issue.

You must stop pretending we can avoid this issue. Our young voters from, first timers in 2020 to Millennials through Gen X are adamantly waiting for you old fogies (sorry, but facts are facts, this is their state of mind) to tackle this deadly planet-wide issue head on, and they will not give money or time to candidates who avoid talking about solutions like “Put A Price On It.”

In addition, voters in their senior years want their Democratic candidates and their elected representatives talking about and working on this issue too. I am in my 70s. My generation in Minnesota had good educations. We sorrow for the harm climate change has made happen in our world. We won’t respect politicians who avoid working on this issue.

Lorraine Rovig


(This letter was originally addressed to Democratic National Committee Chairman Perez)

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