James McNeill Rooks 1979–2019 San Luis— James "Jimmy" McNeill Rooks, born April 8th, 1979, died on March 31st 2019, in San Luis, Colorado. Jimmy grew up in Northfield, graduating from Northfield High School in 1997. Jimmy was an active young man, swimming with the NHS swim team, and playing hockey and baseball when he was younger. Jimmy was a member of the Boy Scouts. After high school, Jimmy worked delivering pizza around Northfield, working for George's Vineyard among others, and making friends with his co-workers. Jimmy loved live music and rock shows, and moved to Rome, Georgia for several years, spending time with some Northfield friends who were part of the music scene there. Eventually, Jimmy moved back to Minnesota, spending more time in Northfield and then moving to Mankato, where he lived for several years pursuing a technical degree and helping his girlfriend at the time to pursue some of her goals. During this time, Jimmy spent a great deal of time with friends who worked producing music shows, while he was delivering pizza and going to school. He greatly enjoyed being part of the music festival scene. Jimmy liked being outdoors, and had many camping and hiking adventures with friends. He also developed a love affair with foosball, joining a league and making friends with other enthusiasts. He once won a match against a seven-time world champion foosball player. Many friends and neighbors have memories of Jimmy as a very active, energetic person, with an insatiable curiosity and a memorable laugh. His sense of adventure and humor impacted many people throughout his life. One friend specifically remembers his standard greeting; "'Sup," as a "Jimmy trademark." His sister remembers his sense of humor, laid back nature, and his love of music, festivals and his friends. Jimmy is survived by his parents, John and Marjorie Rooks, of Northfield, his aunt and uncle, James and Linda Rooks, his sister, Katie, and his beloved dog, Lucy. Jimmy's parents have asked that any memorials be directed to the Mayo Clinic's Sleep Disorder research program as follows: In memory of James M. Rooks For: Sleep disorders at Mayo Clinic Research Mayo Clinic Department of Development 200 First St. SW Rochester, MN 55905

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