Northfield police are reminding residents to lock their cars following a recent rash of thefts from vehicles.

The spree, which appears to have begun either late Thursday or in the wee hours of Friday morning, hasn’t yet abated, Deputy Police Chief Chuck Walerius said Monday morning. Twenty-two car break-in reports were filed between Friday and Sunday. Another 10 were reported Monday.

Walerius said the thief or thieves are accessing unlocked vehicles, preferring to take small electronics, including iPads, iPods and GPS units.

“They can be easy to sell and make a profit,” he said.

While vehicles on the south side of the city have been targeted in the spree, Walerius says all residents should ensure their cars are locked at night. If valuables aren’t removed from the auto, Walerius recommends they be stashed out of sight.

Police, who are adding extra late-night patrols, are also asking that residents be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary or suspicious, recommending that Northfielders who hear noises or dogs barking late at night to look out their windows to ensure all is well or to call 911.

Two suspects in a late March rash of car break-ins were caught after an alert resident contacted police.

Charges against the two suspects in that case are at the county attorney’s office awaiting approval, according to Walerius.

Reach Suzanne Rook at 645-1113. Follow her on Twitter @rooksuzy.

-Reach Suzanne Rook at 645-1113. Follow her on Twitter @rooksuzy.

Regional Managing Editor of The Le Center Leader, Le Sueur News-Herald, St. Peter Herald and Waseca County News.