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Minnesota families deserve a future full of opportunity

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Posted: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 12:00 am

My dad milked 57 cows every morning and every night and each of his six kids got the full farm experience. We did chores before and after school, we took responsibility for the animals in our care, and we did not stop working until we got the job done.

Growing up on a family-run farm taught me to see the opportunities in my future. If today was too wet to plant, the next sunny day was just around the corner. If this year’s corn yields were down, next year held the promise of a banner year. The next opportunity for success was right there, if only our family was ready to work hard and reach for it.

Unfortunately, many members in Congress appear unable to focus on the future. Where a Minnesota farmer sees opportunity on the horizon, far too many in Congress can’t (or won’t) see past the next political fight. This shortsightedness prevents them from envisioning, much less planning, for a better future for our country.

No better example exists than what happened with the recent Farm Bill. Instead of focusing on the opportunity for productive farms, ensuring safe and secure food sources, and figuring out how best to help hungry families, Congress spent years pulling political stunts that risked taking down the entire farm safety net.

In the end, the Farm Bill got done because our Minnesota Congressmen, Colin Peterson and Tim Walz, rose above the partisanship and shepparded it through a broken Congress.

If the Farm Bill saga taught us anything, it is that we need to change the people we send to Congress, if we want to change the results coming out of it.

I’m running for Congress because Minnesota families deserve a future full of opportunity. We need representatives in Congress who are willing to build consensus around important issues. That is how we will create the opportunities for our families in the future.

We need to stop the constant shift of the tax burden onto middle class families, so they can help create the family-sustaining jobs we need for the future.

We need to invest in a 21st century transportation system by rebuilding our roads and bridges and addressing the ever increasing demands on our aging rail system.

We need to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders, but also takes families out of the shadows and meets our growing agricultural employment needs.

Addressing these challenges is how we rebuild the middle class and create the opportunities for our future. I’m ready to lead on these issues.

This week at Farm Fest, we may see families eating great food, kids staring in wonder at the size of the new tractors, and farmers imagining what they could accomplish if they upgrade this piece of equipment or that. But, we’ll also see people thinking about the opportunities in their future. Isn’t it time we send representatives to Congress who care about those opportunities as much as they do?

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  • crystalinwi posted at 10:30 am on Sat, Aug 16, 2014.

    crystalinwi Posts: 1

    Ofsilence, while I agree with you that most politicians do this, I've known Mike Obermueller and his family since he and I were children. He was raised to do what is right, and I've always known him to do what's right, no matter what the repercussions. Frankly, I'm an independent, fed up with both parties, but I think you are lucky to be able to vote for Mike. I wish he was running from my district. He will be a breath of fresh air and help Minnesota seize opportunities.

  • Ofsilence posted at 10:35 am on Thu, Aug 14, 2014.

    Ofsilence Posts: 740

    In 2016 - the country will honestly be able to say that it has endured 16 years of arguably two of the worst presidencies this country has ever seen....back to back. There's so many things wrong with the direction of this country right now and it seems like all we are concerned with is who can destroy their neighbor the fastest.

  • Ofsilence posted at 10:31 am on Thu, Aug 14, 2014.

    Ofsilence Posts: 740

    This is all fine and dandy but what people need today are representatives that will stand up to their own party leadership even if that means a "scorched Earth" approach. What typically happens here is that you read op-ed's like this one and the second Mike goes to Washington - he will line up like a lemming behind party leadership and become a puppet. This regularly happens in both parties and its part of the problem. Even though I didnt agree most of the time with Paul Wellstone's politics - at least he had the courage to go it alone if he really believed in the principle. This kind of conviction is lacking today for both parties. And no, Im not referencing partisan extremists. Im talking about issues that one party or the other supported years and now no longer support because its politically convenient. Both parties do this all the time.

  • steakholder posted at 6:59 pm on Tue, Aug 12, 2014.

    steakholder Posts: 1640

    It's really sad that so many people got laid off over the last several years, and I hear that even though the economy is supposedly recovering, apparently people are still getting laid off all over the place.

    Hopefully our future is full of opportunity, and all these people who got laid off can find jobs again.


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