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Profile of a graduate

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Tri-City United School District’s Community Survey has served as a guide for the creation of courses for students, facilities decisions, and opportunities for students that reflect the needs of our community members.

The survey indicated two important focuses for future educational planning: Help students with career planning/life after high school and prepare students for careers/workforce.

This past school year, we continued this work and in order to develop a clear view of our communities’ expectations a Profile of a Graduate was created.

A Profile of a Graduate is a process and guide that outlines the skills and characteristics the community of a school district identifies as important for every student to develop. In order to gather this information for TCU, we conducted a Profile of a Graduate Survey with TCU alumni, parents/guardians, staff, and district residents. From these responses, eight essential skills and characteristics emerged and actual original survey language has identified and defined these characteristics.

Skills and characteristics defined from the input

1. Work ethic and basic life skills

Hardworking, responsible individuals acting with determination and resilience.

Work Ethic/Hardworking was the most common trait identified in the survey. Motivated, responsible, determined, reliable, persistent and resilient were similar responses.

Basic life skills focuses on individual skills which will lead to success in multiple fields and included being goal oriented, organized, time management, and self advocacy.

2. Respect and integrity

Culturally aware citizens demonstrating honesty, empathy and accountability.

Respect connects with empathy, cultural awareness, common sense, social-emotional, and self-aware. Integrity connects to honesty, accountability, dependable, and confident.

3. Communication and collaboration:

Inclusive collaborators working with others to make a positive impact.

These two skills were also directly named and high ranking in the survey. Communication focused on speaking and writing, being personable, and articulate. Collaboration focused on public service, positivity, professionalism, and ability to work with others.

4. Problem solving and critical thinking

Future focused learners capable of analyzing issues and adapting to changing situations.

These skills came from the survey in supporting students to be adaptable, flexible, open minded, creative, and curious as well as able to comprehend, innovate, and knowing where and how to create solutions.

As graphic of profile of a TCU graduate

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and ensuring that our Tri-City United graduates are well prepared for their futures and careers is extremely important. So, we have created a graphic to help us all remember these skills and characteristics and guide our current and future planning, and actions.

The graphic represents the identified skills and characteristics as well as how this work is a partnership between Tri-City United School District as a whole and the members of all of our communities.

The stars and stripes in the border come from our Tri-City United logo and represent our communities of Lonsdale, Montgomery, Le Center and surrounding area. They surround the graphic like our communities/residents surround and support our students because together we are United for Success.

Next steps

This information will serve as a guide for future work throughout Tri-City United’s World’s Best Workforce, Achievement and Integration, and Strategic Operational Plan over the next 3 years.

Our next steps include but are not limited to:

Conduct an asset inventory and further development of career/college/life readiness strategies, projects, activities, and benchmarks that currently are in place throughout TCU PK-grade 12.

Workforce development coordinator lead the work in building business/employer partnerships for job shadowing, internships and work-based learning programs.

Develop database of employers willing to conduct presentations, offer job shadow experiences, partner with a course or grade level to provide career information.

Continue participation in career and college fairs at middle and secondary levels. Conduct career fairs locally, highlighting student opportunities.

Insure equity and access for all students in career/college/life readiness courses and experiences.

Thank you

A thank you to everyone who had a part in this process; including the Community Survey participants, Profile of a Graduate Survey respondents and the staff members coordinating these efforts. Thank you to our Tri-City United residents for supporting and advancing our career/college/life readiness work. Thank you to our Tri-City United staff for your unending commitment to providing opportunities and deep learning to advance our students’ growth.

Matt Flugum is the teaching and learning coordinator; Tiffany Crabb is the marketing and communications specialist, and Teri Preisler is Tri-City United Schools superintendent. Reach Preisler at or 507-364-8100.

Reach Regional Managing Editor Suzanne Rook at 507-333-3134. Follow her on Twitter @rooksuzy

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