Lonsdale Veterans Memorial

While repairs have been made to the Lonsdale Veterans Memorial, vandals broke several lights and piping to the fountain June 3. (News-Review file photo)

The lights and water fountain at Veterans Memorial Park have been repaired this week following vandalism reported Monday, June 3.

Lonsdale Public Works Director Russ Vlasek said his department filed the report to the Lonsdale Police Department. Officer Todd Franklin took the call. Four lights along the memorial’s paved walking path were reportedly knocked over and broken, and it appeared as though someone threw a rock at the fountain, damaging the piping.

On the same day, Public Works reported vandalism in the men’s restroom at Jaycee Park where the vandal broke a toilet lid that had already been damaged.

Although Public Works replaced the lights and broken piping in the same week, Vlasek said the process was time consuming.

“It took two guys probably 16 hours to get it back up and running,” he said.

Vlasek called this degree of offense “not incredibly rare in Lonsdale, where Public Works has found toilets intentionally clogged at Jaycee Park and other reported damages, depending on the weekend.

Lonsdale Police Chief Jason Schmitz said for a felony level offense, the cost to replace and repair the vandalized parts needed to be at least $1,000. This was not the case for the vandalism at the Veterans Memorial Park.

At this point, Schmitz said there are no suspects in the incident. Anyone with information on this case may should contact the Lonsdale Police Department at 507-744-2300.

Reporter Misty Schwab can be reached at 507-333-3135. Follow her on Twitter @APGmisty.

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