The class of 2019 is onto to the next big adventure.

Tri-City United High School graduated 128 seniors on graduation day May 24 and the ceremony was all about the next steps in life.

“I want you to remember this moment,” Senior Class President Rianna Doyle said in her farewell speech at the ceremony. “Remember the friends you’ve spent your time with, think of the teachers you’ll miss and the memories you’ve made. Today marks the end and the beginning.”

There was a lot of looking back at all the memories for the seniors as they got ready to receive their diplomas.

“Prom is also the place where I had some of my best memories,” Elizabeth Christian said in her welcome address. “Watching all of the junior and senior boys get on stage to sing along to the songs and then watching Matthew attempt to crowd surf.”

Superintendent Teri Preisler also shared some advice to the grads.

“Look at life through a window and a mirror,” Preisler said. “Windows allow us to see beyond who we are to see others … Mirrors connect purpose and with purpose comes knowing yourself … You need both and you need to use both.”

As the new graduates looked forward to their futures, Christian asked them to do one more thing together.

“Let’s make some promises,” she said. “Promise that even though you will not always know what to do, you will strive to do what you think is best. Promise to chase after your dreams with everything you have … And lastly, promise to believe in yourself because the rest of us all believe in you.”

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