Aramis Wells believes the people of District 20B know how to run their lives better than anyone in St. Paul.

For that reason, the Northfield resident has announced his candidacy to represent District 20B in the Minnesota House of Representatives, a seat currently held by David Bly. Wells and Jim Flaherty will be vying for the GOP endorsement.

A lifelong resident of the district, Wells said he is running for the people.

“People in the district know how to do things best for them,” he said. “It shouldn’t come from St. Paul.”

Rather, he wants to see things brought back to the local level.

“They should contact local [governmental bodies],” he said. “Instead of pushing it to St. Paul where it becomes a whole state issue.”

One example of government overreach he used is the unionizing of day care providers, in addition to the Minnesota Vikings stadium.

“The people who run their business know how to run their business best,” he said. “If they don’t want to be unionized they shouldn’t have to.”

As for the stadium, Wells questions why the government is “propping up” that business, when other businesses aren’t.

Though the announcement came this week, he said it’s a decision people have been asking him to make for some time.

Both he, and his wife Tiana, grew up in political-involved families, he said, and their son Logan is also involved in government at the youth level.

“It’s a family affair,” laughed Tiana.

Tiana, who ran for the Dundas City Council in 2012 and was campaign manager for Brian Wermerskirchen, will serve as her husband’s campaign manager.

“It’s a very dynamic, unique district,” she said.

With a mix of rural and suburban towns, in addition to townships, Tiana said the campaign will focus on what the people in the community want.

In regards to giving local entities more of a say, she said the school boards, city councils, planning commissions, among others, all know the struggles of the local people.

“Why aren’t we giving them more input?” she said of the current structure.

In addition to the local bodies, the business owners should have more say, she said, as they are the ones who know what they need to be successful.

With the announcement behind them, both Wells said the focus is on getting the GOP endorsement.

“Aramis is not running for the people of St. Paul,” she said. “He is running for us.”

Precinct caucuses will be held on March 1, while the endorsing convention is slated for April 11.

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