Currently, little to no flooding is expected over the banks of the Minnesota River this spring, with the risk even lower near Henderson.

“The upper reaches of the Minnesota River Basin are still at risk of flooding, but if anything, it would only be minor to moderate flooding,” said Mark Seeley, a climatologist at the University of Minnesota. “In the Mankato, Henderson, Shakopee area there is less than a 20 percent chance of even minor to moderate flooding.”

The river is currently more than a foot below flood levels and is not expected to show an increase in water levels, as we move into further into April.

“It’s not in the forecast,” said Seeley. “We are expected to oscillate above and below freezing, which is conducive to a nice thaw.”

According to Seeley, the only real potential threat for river flooding this spring would be the development of an ice dam. Ice dams occur when water builds up behind a blockage of ice or still-unfrozen section of the river, which can cause a river to overflow its banks. But this situation is also very unlikely this spring.

“Only if temperatures really dramatically dropped and stayed very cold would an ice dam occur,” said Seeley.

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