A new business is closer to joining Janesville.

The City Council voted unanimously in favor of a revolving loan fund request for Infinity Catering, LLC at its Tuesday, May 28 meeting. Kendra Hoehn made the loan request for $40,000; it will be used to help purchase equipment for Infinity Catering, LLC, which will also include a bistro. This new business will be located within the Wiste’s Meat Market location, off the main drag.

“I’m excited about it, it sounds like the bistro is going to have coffee … and then they had talked about working with Wiste’s or tying in the other business, so I think it’s great,” Councilor Melissa Kopachek said.

Infinity is an addition to Wiste’s, which opened again for partial business back in Nov. 2018. That was nearly 10 months after a devastating fire in Dec. 2017 destroyed the Dog House Bar and Grill.

The Dog House Bar and Grill fire left Wiste’s with water and smoke damage to its downtown Janesville storefront and forced the popular meat market to temporarily shut down. Dog House had to be torn down. But that demolition lingered through a Minnesota Fire Marshal investigation and insurance battle.

Prairie Ridge

A popular topic at recent City Council meetings has been Prairie Ridge Golf Course.

At the previous council meeting, it was voted unanimously to reinstate the Golf Advisory Board.

Over the years the golf course has been losing money and the council has been using other funds to cover the deficits. In December 2016, the city transferred $2.03 million from three utility funds to Prairie Ridge Golf Course and there has been more transferred since then. This loss is what prompted the city to look for solutions on how to make the golf course more sustainable. The Golf Advisory Board is one of the first steps in finding a solution.

Tuesday, Mayor Mike Santo brought five names to the council, asking it to pick four for the new board.

“I think they would all be good representatives,” Mayor Santo said.

Though there were five capable people who either expressed interest or were asked to put their name on the list to pick from, there could only be four members and a councilor for voting purposes. This was true of past golf advisory boards, but the board was defunct for a few years until now.

With one too many candidates, the councilors had to discuss who would have to be left out. Kopachek was chosen as the City Council representative for the board.

After a short discussion. the councilors chose Ron Bruegger, Tim Burke, Mike Hagen and Andy Ahlman to fill the four spots. These members were picked so there was a mixture of people and not just golfers. Burke is also a Janesville Area Golf Association, JAGA, representative.

“I would like to see Andy on there since he showed initiative to run for city council,” Mayor Santo said.

Kopachek added, “I would like to see Mike, for sure, because he’s an adverse guy. He’s very closely connected to a lot of people in the community and he has expressed interest. He’s got a lot of great ideas, drive.”

These seats will be a rotation with Bruegger and Burke through 2020 and Hagen and Ahlman through 2021.

City Manager Clinton Rogers will be organizing the new board for its first meeting and will schedule regular public meetings from there.

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