The Golden Eagles Wings remained undefeated in the four-town senior softball league with a resounding 18-7 victory over the Owatonna Silver Streaks recreational squad on Tuesday.

The soaring Wings were stellar in the field as they held Owatonna to only two runs through eight innings. Running acrobatic catches by Tom Schoenbauer and vacuum cleaner ground ball stabs by George Budd were sights to admire.

Steve Bauer had a little extra spin to his pitches and registered several strikeouts, which is tricky to do in slow pitch softball. Mary Ritchie, Larry Bryan, Don Katra and others pounded the softball into mush as the Wings ran up the score in practically every inning. The game was halted momentarily as a glider plane silently drifted over the ballfield — — possibly a remote spy-plane sent to scout by Northfield in hopes to discover a weakness in the Wings play. Mission failed.

Over on the other diamond at Alexander Park, the Golden Eagles Talons did not fare as well as the Wings. The Talons lost a nail-biter by only three runs in nine innings of a see-saw battle.

The victory by the Silver Streaks was tainted in that the Streaks only brought eight players to the game and the Talons generously provided them with a catcher rather than requiring them to play short-staffed. The Talons record slipped to 5-2 for the season which is now at the halfway point. They are still in the hunt for the gold and will be pumping iron (or maybe cylindrical aluminum) to prepare for their next game.

The Golden Eagles Talons and Wings are back in action, albeit at a senior pace, next week Tuesday morning at Alexander Park. Gametime for both teams is 10 am and fans are welcome. The third place Northfield Raiders will be the next victims of the Golden Eagles and they will be intent on making a good showing to make up for their four losses to the Eagles so far this season. Come out if you can and share in the fun — and a free bag of peanuts.

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