Owatonna Public Utilities (OPU)
no longer desires to own and/
or maintain the assets and
land typically described as
the OPU Propane-Air Peaking
Facility (P/APF) located SW of
the intersection of the DM&E
rail tracks and NW 32nd
Ave in Owatonna, MN and is
offering the assets and land
for public sale via sealed bid.
Sealed bids will be received by
the CFO of Owatonna Public
Utilities “OPU”, Owatonna,
Minnesota, at 208 Walnut
Avenue, P.O. Box 800,
Owatonna, MN 55060, until
2:00 p.m. on the 2nd day
of July, 2019, for the sale of
surplus OPU assets generically
known as a the former OPU P/
APF. The surplus assets and
land can be bid upon either
intact as-is or in an alternate
bid which identifies specific
equipment lots that can be
specifically bid upon (dismantle
and loading provided by Bid
Manager). The site, equipment,
and propane inventory can
generally be described as
follows: Two land parcels on
the west side of the City of
Owatonna, Nine 30,000-gallon
propane tanks, existing inventory
of propane, two 200 HP air
compressors. Bids received
prior to this date shall be publicly
opened and read aloud.
The above equipment shall be
sold in accordance with the
specifications and proposed form
of contract on file in Owatonna
Public Utilities offices in said
city of Owatonna, Minnesota,
by this reference made a part
hereof, as though fully set out
and incorporated herein.
Interested parties desiring
a copy of the bid forms and
surplus equipment descriptions
for individual use may obtain
them from the office of the
Bid Manager: Utility Energy
Systems, LLC, 15575 190th
Ave NW, Elk River, MN 55330,
telephone (651) 762-3972 or
(763) 438-1800, website www., e-mail
com, no deposit required to
receive bidding packet but
place your company on “bidders
list” to receive any potential
addendum to this bid.
Each bid shall be made out
on bid forms furnished by the
Bid Manager in the manner
described and shall be
accompanied by either a certified
check or a bid bond executed
in an amount not less than five
percent (5%) of the amount of
the Bid. The bid security should
be the greater of 5% of the
base bid or the aggregate of the
single bidders alternate bids and
does not need to be duplicated
if the bidder participates in both
the base bid and alternate bid
options. The bid security shall
be made payable to Owatonna
Public Utilities. The bid security
must not contain any conditions
either in the body or as an
endorsement thereon. Such
bid security shall be forfeited
to Owatonna Public Utilities
as liquidated damages in the
event the successful bidder
fails or refuses to perform in a
manner defined in the Bid form.
Upon acceptance of the OPU
preferred bid(s), the chosen
Bidder(s) shall submit to OPU
the full amount of their bid in a
manner and time consistent with
the contract. OPU shall in return
convey rights of ownership in the
equipment and/or land in as-is
where/is condition to the bidder
or, if the alternate bid is chosen,
the equipment and propane
shall be loaded at no cost. OPU
has reserved the right to dictate
the terms and language in the
property sales agreement and
both the terms of closing as
well as the language will be
available for bidders review.
Inspections of the land partials
and buildings, propane tanks,
equipment, and propane
inventory and are available
during three scheduled bidder
inspections on June 4th from
10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., June
8th from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00
p.m. and June 18th from 3:00
p.m. until 6:00 p.m.. Special
inspection time arrangement
may be made if bidders are
unable to attend one of these
times by calling Bid Manager.
All bids must be received by
the dates set in the Contract
according to the specifications.
Owatonna Public Utilities
reserves the right to defer
acceptance of any bid for a
period not to exceed forty five
(45) days after the date bids
are received and no bid may be
withdrawn during this period.
Owatonna Public Utilities also
reserves the right to arrange and
accept a reserve price bid as well
as reject any or all bids and enter
into such a contract as it shall
deem to be in the best interest
of Owatonna Public Utilities.
By/s/ Roger Warehime
General Manager
65080 opp 5/28, 5/29, 5/30