Notice of Sale
A & J Storage LLC hereby
publishes notice as required by
Minnesota Liens on Personal
Property in Self-Service Storage
HIST: 1988 c 425 x 1. Titles
514.970-514.979. Sections 1 – 9
of a public sale of property listed
below to satisfy a landlord’s lien.
The personal property located
at the following storage facilities,
A & J Storage; 1510 Hulett Ave.
Faribault, MN will be sold to
cover storage expenses. Sale will
be held online at storagetreasures.
com. All potential bidders need
to register online at this site and
agree to terms of sale. Bidding
will begin June 12, 2019.
Bidding will close at 3:00p.m.
June 19, 2019.
Customers: James Bobb, Andrew
Casper, Joseph Dillon, Jesse Guy,
Claudio Hauzer, Karissa Hunt,
Cecilio Palacios, Sharon Peterson
and Michael Robinson.
Contents include but not limited
to household items, furniture,
small appliances, crates, bicycles,
sporting goods, tools, metal
tables, hydraulic lift, two-wheel
cart, suitcases and miscellaneous.
To prevent sales, all past due
storage charges must be paid in
full by 3:00 p.m., June 19, 2019
at 1510 Hulett Ave, Faribault, MN
55021. 507-332-7557