Details for GOODHUE CO


The Goodhue County Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday, May
21, 2019, at 9:00 a.m. in the County Board Room, Government Center,
509 West 5th Street, Red Wing, MN with Commissioners Anderson,
Majerus, Nesseth, and Drotos all present.
1. Approved the May 7, 2019 County Board Meeting Minutes.
(Motion carried 4-0)
2. Approved the May 13, 2019 County Board Special Session Meeting
Minutes. (Motion carried 4-0)
3. Approved the May 21, 2019 County Board Meeting Agenda.
(Motion carried 4-0)
4. Approved the Consent Agenda. (Motion carried 4-0)
5. Motion to appoint Scott Safe as interim commissioner for District 1.
(Motion fails 2-2)
6. Approved to open the public hearing. (Motion carried 4-0)
7. Approved to close the public hearng. (Motion carried 4-0)
8. Approved the rezone for Bradd Strelow and Debbie Bjerk of
Stanton Township. (Motion carried 4-0)
9. Approved a Conditional Use Permit for Brenda Luhman, Minneola
Township. (Motion carried 4-0)
10. Approved a Conditional Use Permit for Genevieve Siems, Pine
Island Township. (Motion carried 4-0)
11. Approved the Cannon Falls staffing agreement. (Motion carried 4-0)
12. Approved to be co-applicants for the Cannon Falls proposed
annexation. (Motion carried 4-0)
13. Approved the County road 23 Repair. (Motion carried 4-0)
14. Approved the park pavilion concept and grant application. (Motion
carried 3-1)
15. Approved to direct staff to look into liability concerns relating to
cliff jumping. (Motion carried 4-0)
16. Approved the County Claims. (Motion carried 4-0) 17. Approved to
adjourn the May 21, 2019 County Board Meeting. (Motion carried